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Curated is an extension of Bazaar's universe. It is an entrance to the fashion world of it by providing a range of clothes that are on sell on this webshop.

Curated has for purpose to propose hand picked items that are second-hand, brand new or vintage deadstocks.

Choice of items is based on a certain aesthetics that resonate with BAZAAR. 

Curated does not mind the tags of the items. This webshop is place that cares about the cuts, the quality and the materials more than the designers. 
However, this e-shop does, indeed, provide luxury.
Minding this, Curated also has a vast range of unbranded items.

Most of these pieces are Made in France, Italy or Japan. 

The quality or the shapel, cut, design of these pieces make them valuable to Cuiartd's eyes. 

For any other question, please, mind reading the policies on the bottom part of the webshop.

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