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Customer Care

CURATED proposes a range of second hand items. It is specialized in a certain niche. The main point is to offer quality clothing pieces. From known brands to unbranded items, we care most of all about the design of the items and their fabric's quality. We are not engaging to sell whatever is branded or tagged. 


Our mission is to provide items customers will love and cherish. This for, our customer care is very reactive. To get more details about the items, please do not hesitate to contact through social media platform instagram @curatedbybazaar. 

For any. other question, our e-mail address is available. Please send an e-mail to with your question as a subject. 


Items condition

Since CURATED's goal is to provide a hand picked selection of second hand garments, it is very important to mention clearly that our items are indeed second hand, that they have been worn in the past. We deeply care about providing items in perfect state. If there are any sign of use, these will be noticed in the description. Items' fabric are all in good state, no holes, no damages, no stains. 
Most importantly, we care to wash the clothes twice. First, to get rid of the odors and second, to deeply wash them. 

With all these procedures, our provided items are close to being brand new. 


Indicated prices are in EURO. CURATED is free to change prices at any time. The shipping prices are not included in the item's price. 


We ship orders on a daily. Shipping might take a few business days. Deliveries are shipped to your address.

We do not take any responsibility for lost packages. Once the orders left our office, it is out of our hands in case of unfortunate situations.

Orders outside of Europe might face extra taxes, CURATED will unfortunately decline any request of payment for these. 
We advise you to check the local import taxes or local fees. There are possibilities to arrange a no tax shipping to outside of EU. Therefore please reach us.


Once an order has been placed, every customer will receive a summary of its order with a shipping number. Orders can also be checked on the customer profile.


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