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Crocs, 2021


BIrkenstock x Rick Owens, 2021

It may all started here with Raf using army boots in his show. It influence hasn't been direct. But it is sure that it was strong and permanent. All the way today, they still get worn by some people. 

The game changer shoe: puddles by Daniel Lee. 
3D printed, colorful and durable. Hated a lot and then cherished by many. 

I strongly do think that Phoebe Philo got inspired by the bunny boots. The ressemblance is sure. But, she then also became an inspirational source for Daniel Lee at Bottega.  

Raf is back in fall 2018 with the bunny boots. 


Mukluk boots

Bunny combat boots

Celine pre fall 2018

Raf Simons f/w 2018

Bottega f/w 2020

Raf Simons f/w 2014

These were socially already a bit more accepted since people had time to digest the puddles. Rubber shoes are taking over. We are starting to look like we are some character in HABBO.


Loewe f/w 2022

These ones from that same collection didn't really get the same attention/ Looking too much like traditional boots.

Givenchy s/s 2022

Loewe s/s 2023


We could say that 2021 was the turning point. LVMH bought Birkenstock that year  and from that day on, the clogs we once thought were giving off too much German energy suddenly became a staple for us. How? Well... Kind of because they are cheap to produce and because the trends were set. We needed commercial 3D printed cool shoes. So the big LVMH firm just went and bought the closest maniable brand; Birkenstock. And then, they gave us crazy collabs such as with Rick Owens and Jil Sander. So the fashion people got convinced and of course... a few years later the rest followed. And with no surprise, as seen during the 2023 summer, all mainstream shops proposed something very similar to the birks. 
Crazy how trends are set and then the big commercial names just offer a cheap version of it so everyone can buy it. 

Mind you the "people" were making fun of these bizarre shoes but then they end up buying it because somehow the traditional influencers got influenced by the niche ones and then a domino effect happens and everyone ends up buying it. 

The Loewe f/w 2022 boots' dupes were absolutely sold everywhere. Maybe because they are plastic, comfy and rain durable. Somehow very commercial which explains why they were everywhere.


We slowly but surely entered an era where shoes are no longer what they used to be. No more some leather piece on a sole.

Not extravagant either but a way that makes you feel like you are a cosmonaut or even more precisely a game character. 

How come did we end up wearing these shapeless shoes?  Well, as usual, we got influenced by what is around and also adopted confort. Because, yes, this weird looking footwear type tend to be wide and all seasons since it is mainly made out of plastic or rubber.

Everything traditional  gets lost in time and it is now the moment to let our shoes be the next level. Here you have GAMING SHOES shown. I like to call them like that because they remember me of Mario Bro's shoes. Super roundish and voluminous, all seasons and invisible in a weird way.

Bottega f/w 2022

Bottega s/s 2023

March 9 2024

JW Anderson gave us the girly pop version of these cosmonaut too masculine shoes.
A dream of mine to match with my Polly Pocket dolls.

Blazy's take at Bottega is not really direct but kind of has the same idea. A bit more elegant, a bit more refined ans luxurious. Braided leather!




These boots were clearly the summum of a social experience. Some rappers, of course, tried to wear them but it did not give off much... as expected. Always something about rappers stylists but let's just say that they like to experiment.

Rick Owens F/W 2024

Can not really lie about the fact that these also feel like a social experiment but Rick Owens, in general, is a social experiment (to the people). His last colletions are giving off some sort of intergalactic villain vibe and honestly... These boots do fit the whole energy so when it comes to cohesion, I will not be able to criticize them much. Rick Owens offers a whole universe and these are what makes us fly to that unfinished industrial world of his.


Balenciaga s/s 2022

Balenciaga f/w 2022

Balenciaga s/s 2023 

Balenciaga is also a pioneer with Yeezy when it comes to shapeless shoes. Their Speed Trainer's were absolutely on everyone's feet back in 2016. 
Now the vibe is more voluminous.
in 2018, they had their first collab with Crocs. They had released some summer mules and later on, for spring 2022, they released something very similar to the Bottega Puddles.
And from there, they did not stop.
So here are their gigantic Trooper boots and their take on the Dutch clog.

Yeezy's influence can not be denied when it comes to "cosmo" shoes. Specially with their OG 350's and their 3D printed wavy soles. In 2021, they released these runner's that are completely following that spirit we are talking about.

Yeezy Knit Runner


Rice paddy Chinese boots


Unreleased Yeezy boots

These never got released but were spotted on Ye. Somehow they really do fit the aesthetic of rubber printed huge shapeless boots. Ottolinger also has very similar boots to these ones in their collabs with Camper. Which made this "aesthetic" popular by the people.

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