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    This script goes over common accessory pieces that are repurposed into garments. Such as a dress made out of bags, a top made out of gloves, etc... Fashion is limitless and so are the possibilities with repurposing things that we already have. 


    Recycling? Reusing? it won't be possible to talk about these subjects without mentioning the ligne number  "0" of Maison Margiela which is the artisanal gamme by Martin Margiela. 

He is known for the belt jacket which is a holy grail, the sock pull-over and the tops made out of leather gloves. All these creations are, like mentioned above, made out of accessory pieces. I could mention many many many other creations of his but I'll just insert photos of them because we all know that Martin Margiela is the goat for repurposing. . 

Undercover repurposed a bag into a top in his 2006's collection (look on the left) and turned many jackets into one garment. The overall function of the jackets is lost which is the goal of repurposing. Giving new purposes to clothing pieces that have daily functions. The bag no longer serves for holding stuff and the coats are no longer cover-ups. 

An other repurposing fan of the industry will be Hodakova who's a suistanable fashion brand. In their S/S 2023 collection, converted goods are taking over. Tops made out of watches, dress made out of leather shoes and bags made out of belts are what we meet. No needs to check the archives, 2023 is aware enough of limited ressources and executes it perfectly and not too marginally?  

Repurposing also works for more elegant pieces such as dresses. Down below figures a dress made out of Balenciaga's Cagole bags from its S/S 2023 Collection. It almost looks like it was one big piece of leather but it is, in fact, not. 

Comme des Garçons ' interpretation is a bit more basic using belts. An use that has been and still is exploited very commonly and almost by everyone, Dolce&Gabanna, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dior also used belts reinterpretation a lot. On the last dress look, ties are used to create a big piece of fabric with different patterns. Jean-Paul Gaultier is also very known for recycling pieces and re-tought garments. Here is one of them. 

Other exemples for a larger perspective of the topic are available in the  galerie.

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